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I usually keep my phone on silent during the day. Whether I am in a classroom, or alone in home, I don’t want my phone making noises with every notification hitting it. Hearing the same chime over and over again usually ends up changing my mood in a bad way — technology should enhance, not annoy after all.

Although, I need to get notified somehow. When my phone is on silent and not in my field of vision, I miss the notifications which doing so might have bad consequences.

Until the time where we all wear eye computers that can notify us subtly, there is no good way of doing this. Getting your phone on vibration is useless too, vibration has a sound, even a very annoying one.

Repetitive sounds have been known to be annoying to people, and in this case, it’s a sound that’s designed to get you distracted and check your phone. If my phone chimed with a sound that I’ve never heard before

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TMI in user interfaces

When knowledge is not power, just disturbing. —ravenmacoy of Urban Dictionary

The phrase “TMI” is not only for speech. It exists in various other mediums, one of which being user interfaces. When I was asked to write about how I would improve an app I choose in my WWDC scholarship application, I chose to go with too much information in user interfaces.

The thing which has been bugging me since the first day I used the app is how it shows the user that it’s connecting to the server to fetch new messages. As a user, I don’t want to know that it’s doing something in the background to show me my messages. Showing a connecting indicator explicitly tells the user that the current content is outdated, and immediately creates the feeling that the user should wait until the app has finished the process. This instinct makes the launch time of the app, which consists the actual launch time and

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